Mount Pearl`s Lavender Lass / Åse

Mount Pearl`s Lavender Lass / Åse


Traneborgens Hello Little Girl & Mount Pearl`s Lavender Lass 

playing with a stick.

About us

The Kennel Traneborgen is owned by: Inger Skov, educated trainer and after-educated with several courses within psycology / behaviourism of dogs. Kennel Traneborgen is a small and pleasant kennel for breeding of Newfoundland dogs. For us breeding, dog shows and dog sport are the number one spare time occupation. All our dogs live in close connection with us in our family. Each dog is trained individually both physically and mentally for optimal development.

About our breeding

Kennel Traneborgen is quite new, and still coming into existence. Our love for and knowledge of dogs in general is build on a life-long interest and experience. We got our first newf-girl "Gaia" in 1986, and can not imagine af life without Newfoundlands. At our place the puppies get used to small children, old people, cats, sheep, horses, hen, Tv-noise, vacuum-cleaner, accustomed to car-drive, to be placed on a table for grooming, practising to show teeth and having their claws cut. Before leaving they at least get one trip to beach and water, nose tracking, traffic noise, adult dogs besides their mother.

All of our puppies are registered in The Danish Kennel Club and controlled by a veterinary.  

  • Danish Pedigree + chipmark.
  • Individually puppy-test
  • Health-Certificate
  • Treated for worms 3 times🤒
  • Guirdance in a "personal" briefcase.

The Kennel Traneborgen is owned by:

Inger Skov: Educated trainer and after educated with several courses within psycology / behaviourism of dogs.

Address: Traneborgvej 1, Emmerlev 

6280 Højer, 


Telefon:  0045  74 78 23 01 

mobil no . : +45  23434795

We hope You will enjoy our site

about our sweet, sweet dogs. ❤

Best regards

Inger Skov

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